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2023 Teacher Training

Comprehensive Wellness Coaching Certification.

This 8-Month Training includes your 200 Hour YTT certificate, Balanced Athlete Coaching Certificate, and Empowered Living Rebuild holistic health coaching introduction. 

Invest in your ability to support and promote total wellness with your students and clients. Understand how health and wellness is a multi-faceted approach for the individual.

2023 Teacher Training

Schedule & Details

2023 Dates and Times 9/23-9/24 10/14-10/15 11/11-11/12 12/2-12/3 2024 Dates and Times 1/6-1/7 1/20-1/21 2/10-2/11 3/2-3/3 3/23-3/24 All weekends are 7 am – 4 pm EXCEPT 10/14/23-10/15-23 Sat 10/14/23 runs 11:15am-6:15pm Sun 10/15/23 runs 9:15am-5:15pm Weekend 1: Empowered Health Coaching Learn the Empowered Wellness Health Coaching philosophy. Help people transform multiple aspects of their lives through an integrative, multi-dimensional approach. Process includes nutrition, stress management, breathing techniques, meditation, functional movement, and much more. Saturday, 9/23: 7-4 Sunday, 9/24: 7-4 Weekend 2: Emerging Science of Stability, Mobility, and Orthopedic Health Learn the foundational mechanics of movement as you dive into our Balanced Athlete curriculum. Focus on a sustainable exercise program that integrates with the yoga model. Saturday, 10/14: 11:15-6:15 Sunday, 10/15: 9:15-5:15 Weekend 3: Stationary Sequence Part 1 Learn details of first half of the postures as you start to connect your core with your periphery. Begin to learn yoga philosophy and the teacher toolbox as you sharpen your health coaching skills. Saturday, 11/11: 7-4 Sunday, 11/12: 7-4 Weekend 4: Stationary Sequence Part 2 Continue to learn the second half of the Empowered Wellness Stationary Sequence. Dive deeper into the Core Connection practice and continue to study yoga philosophy, the teacher toolbox, and health coaching skills. Saturday, 12/2: 7-4 Sunday, 12/3: 7-4 Weekend 5: Sculpt Curriculum Learn how to feel, sequence and cue our very popular Sculpt class. Built on our Balanced Athlete curriculum, Sculpt blends heat, movement and conditioning into one class. Continue to study yoga philosophy, the teacher toolbox, and health coaching skills. Saturday, 1/6: 7-4 Sunday, 1/7: 7-4 Weekend 6: Vinyasa Part 1 Deep dive into alignment and breath-focused vinyasa training begins. This weekend focuses on the first half of the sequencing as you continue to integrate the other practices. Continue to study the yoga sutras, teacher toolbox, and health coaching skills. Saturday, 1/20: 7-4 Sunday, 1/21: 7-4 Weekend 7: Vinyasa Part 2 Continue your vinyasa training as you finish learning the second half of the practice. Practice feeling, sequencing, and teaching the postures with fellow students. Continue to study the yoga sutras, teacher toolbox, and health coaching skills. Saturday, 2/10: 7-4 Sunday, 2/11: 7-4 Weekend 8: Functionality and Integration Explore functional cueing for postures, functional anatomy, injury prevention, body reading, and the mechanics for safe vinyasa arm balances. Continue to study yoga philosophy. Saturday, 3/2: 7-4 Sunday, 3/3: 7-4 Weekend 9: The End of the Journey is just the Beginning! Put what you have learned together into your movement practices and practice teaching. Graduation Ceremony! Saturday, 3/23: 7-4 Sunday, 3/24: 7-4

Maria L.

"I have been practicing yoga for over 20 years and I have invested in yoga teacher training before, but Empowered teacher training has been life changing. From beginning to end, each weekend you grow as a community and personally. I cannot say enough, I would make the investment. If you're thinking about it, just do it!"

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