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Why your Core is so Important

This image adopted from the Rolfing Institute says it all. Your core is you center. Your ability to stabilize from your center during exercise yet more importantly throughout daily activities becomes your saving grace! Without training your core and spine this becomes the epicenter of your orthopedic breakdown.

Most pain I see in people's knees, hips, backs, and shoulders all seem to originate from an unstable core and unstable spine. Over recent years spinal research has advanced and experts are all pointing in the same direction, our lack of ability to stabilize our spine is what causes not only our spines to break down but overall orthopedic breakdown.

At Empowered we are committed to helping people age with a sense of grace and dignity. Currently, we have copious amounts of Pure Core classes on the app. We currently have two classes in studio (Thursday 8:30am and Sunday 8am) with plans to add more. I can’t recommend this class enough. Everyone needs two of these practices a week to maintain this sense of integrity that we wish for all human beings.

--- Johnny

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