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The Truth about Teacher Training

This January we begin our 19th annual Teacher Training program. It occurred to me that less than 50% of our teacher training participants have actually decided to pursue teaching yoga at all. It is from that experience the teacher emerges. Our teacher training is about you learning the Empowered method in a way that allows you to deepen your practice and your understanding of the equation that produces better wellness and a glimpse of yoga. The relationship and mutual respect between student and the teacher is what allows both to progress. It is a balanced transmission of energy following between a teacher's instructions and the student's ability to implement those instructions that progresses the understanding of yoga. The teacher training allows the student to get on the other side and see the role of the teacher which ultimately deepens their understanding of the practice. It becomes a total game changer for your practice and life. If you are reading this blog and you are intrigued talk to one of our teachers or someone who has done our YTT. It is worth exploring! ---- Johnny

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