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The Science of Love..

Dr. Robert Waldinger, the Director of the Harvard Study of Adult Development, and author of the book, “The Good Life” states the number one way we show love is through our attention. This statement made so much sense to me in the most simplistic and profound way. Love is not buying people things, I have seen this first hand in relationships in my life. Thinking you can buy love eventually it fizzles out, because it wasn’t love.

If we want to express love, we give our most precious commodities: our time, energy, and attention.

I am constantly reminded of this fact of life when teaching. Whether I’m working privately or teaching a class, if I can maintain my attention I can drive energy and love into those in front of me.

This is the same in our personal life. Particularly in 2023, putting your phone down, talking and listening to someone, making eye contact and maintaining it, is the most powerful way we express love. Give it a try. Focus on it. It’s a powerful practice that not only benefits those in front of you, but also yourself.

My son Liam and my Dad squaring up before the Superbowl.

--- Johnny

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