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The Power of Helping Others

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

My daughter, Leia, recently attended a weekend retreat that was through an organization called Young Life. She along with 300 other high school students from around the Philadelphia area engaged in a weekend of self discovery, purpose finding, and celebration.

While talking with Leia after the weekend she said her perspective on her life has completely changed. This is a big deal when somebody tells you that their perspective on life has really changed! In asking her how it's changed, her response was that "God put me here on earth to help other people". Can you say: Proud Dad Moment?

In Buddhist philosophy as well as modern day neuroscience research, we are learning there's a part of your brain that exists to help develop a sense of self. What I've learned through the years is that if I am too focused on my own needs and happiness I create a claustrophobic existence and this leaves me with an artificial sense of happiness and peace.

When I focus on helping others, being patient, cutting people breaks, lending a hand, etc I give of myself to another happiness and sense of well-being. I always feel better after helping others. It is what St Francis said, “In giving we receive”. I believe we are here to help one anther and it is in realizing this that true happiness, fulfillment, and peace can be felt.

--- Johnny

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