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Taking a hard look at traditional exercise.

On a daily basics I see people who have accelerated their orthopedic breakdown through engaging in an exercise or yoga routine. The two biggest culprits are poor technique and poor program design.

Exercise is the panacea for health and longevity. Although when technique is poor the correct muscles don’t move your joints correctly and your joints breakdown quicker. When programs lack balance and leave muscles overused and under stretched this also wears your joints down faster.

Muscular pain is many times a sign that muscles are not functioning correctly. Muscles have natural resting positions that they relax in when not being used. Your muscular system is a very intelligent design that works in an integrated fashion from the soles of your feet to your head. When muscles are healthy they work in concert like a conveyor belt system.

An intelligent exercise program trains your brain to create integrated muscular actions from your feet up. When this is achieved you finish an exercise routine feeling more grounded in your feet, taller, and more confident. Yes! This is also about your brain and your spirit!

--- Johnny

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