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Self-Care, an Empowered Principle

Initially on one's wellness journey, self-care might mean getting a massage, taking a mental health day, treating ourself to a splurge. Over time, if we have a practice (body-brain integration), we begin to see behind these surface ideas of self-care. Our spirit becomes more apparent. We start awaking up to the way we are living.

Why can’t we better manage our life? Why do we feel the need to only occasionally have to treat ourself? Taking care of ourselves and treating ourselves with healthy practices becomes the central theme of our life. Prioritizing sleep, walking in nature, treating people with respect, sitting and meditating are all free. We come to one of the most vital health realizations, "We can’t give what we don’t have". If we truly love those around us, being and becoming our healthiest becomes top priority and the most important thing. Shouldn’t it?

The evolution and maturation of self-care is making moment-by-moment choices daily that continually create the best version of ourselves so we can show up fully to this life and help inspire those around us with our choices and our ways of living. Leading by example is the most powerful way to convince others. I have learned this first hand.

My greatest legacy will be my example. I believe we should all be thinking this way. Give this some thought as you consider self-care.

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