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Resolutions and Neuroscience

I am, admittedly, a fan of the whole New Year, New You mantra!

It breathes promise and hope and potentially ignites inspiration and change. Statistically speaking, the majority of resolutions are focused around health. Most realize by the end of January that they are right back where they were December 31st. Deflated by defeat and forced to rationalize why this is not the time to change their habits and become healthier.

Over the past few decades, the understanding of the brain has radically changed. The idea that the brain can constantly change and rewire itself is a breath of fresh air! It is called the science of neuroplasticity. Before this emergence, scientists held the belief that the brain stopped changing in our twenties yet this is simply not true. The science of neuroplasticity states that the brain's wiring (programing) causes us to think, act, behave, and live is malleable and can change with some effort.

In the next few blogs, I will share some thoughts on how to work with this idea with regards to health. In the meantime start thinking about your ‘why’ behind what you want to change. You need to mount a case in your mind. This will begin the rewiring process!

-- Johnny

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