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On the Road : Las Vegas take home points

Last week I had the opportunity to teach with the Siegfried Group at Caesar’s in Las Vegas. Siegfried Group is a national specialty accounting firm which has their headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware. Their CEO Rob Siegfried is a student of mine and a huge advocate (one might even say a zealot) for the Balanced Athlete® program.

My role is to share the sciences of mindfulness and movement the way we do it at the Empowered. My experience as a student and teacher continues to deepen and evolve. Much of my realization involves a deepening of things I already know that through applied application and contemplation deepen.

The majority of the time I spent teaching was with people laying on their back. Why would I choose to spend so much time with people on their backs. Below are reasons why I choose to spend so much time with people on their backs:

  • Gravity releases its hold on your skeleton allowing decompression on many of your major joints.

  • Diaphragmatic breathing becomes more accessible allowing your nervous system to downshift which helps bring a sense of calmness throughout your nervous system.

  • Ground serves as a palpable surface to align your spinal column helping decompress your spine and activate muscles that support a more upright spine.

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