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More than baseball..

As the Phillies inched closer to potentially clenching a World Series, I found myself continuously reflecting on how much this energy is so much more than baseball.

Much of my childhood summer memories are filled with watching and listening on the radio to Harry Kalas, calling Phillies games. Joining my grandfather, father, brother and sister to see games are strong memories. Mom would always tagalong yet she would constantly say, “ I don’t like baseball!” For those of you that know my mom you know the tone of voice and her facial expressions. She’s a real character!

My youngest son, Liam often notices how his Pop-Pop's happiness level increases multiple levels when the Phillies are playing well as well as any of the Philadelphia teams.

For our family, like many families, this is more than baseball. These events permeate the fabric of our life. Philadelphia sports are a big part of our life.

We live vicariously through the players, and feel the pain of loss and the elation of victory. So whether you are a big fan or just jumping on the bandwagon, feel the energy of the Phillies, and how it energizes the community that we live in.

--- Johnny

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