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Meaningful Change

I have found that meaningful change must come from within. I was sitting down with my brother recently and he was telling me how his 16 year old son was doing a 180 degree turn with what he is putting into his mouth. His son Griffin is like many teenagers who have poor dietary habits.

If you have or are raising children, this is something you have experienced first hand. You can tell teenaged children what to do yet they tend to not listen.

As a coach working primarily with adults, it’s largely the same way. It’s why most people don’t like being told what to do. Most people don’t want advice. When coaching someone I ask questions and listen. I reflect back onto someone so they can come to their own conclusions on directions and actions they need to take.

When it’s comes from within it is more meaningful because it’s their inner voice speaking to them. It’s their consciousness arising. I believe it is why meditation/Yoga can be such a powerful practice. We spend time with ourselves and during this time we can come to our own conclusions and directions. This is the process of being and becoming empowered.

-- Johnny

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