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Approaching Death in Love

On Dec 21st, 2022 we had to put down and bid farewell to our beloved family dog, Chewie. He was a great pup and lived over twelve, wonderful years. Now his ashes sit on our mantle. At some point, each of us will return to ashes. The timing of when this will happen is life's great mystery.

Recently I was listening to a preacher refer to the biggest mistake we make in life being not preparing for death.

In the west death is viewed very differently than the east. Our view is many times fear and avoidance, rendering the topic 'morbid'. In contrast death is approached quite differently by the rest of the world: as a process of ending and beginning. It is considered less of a finality and more of a transitioning into the next realm. Many times death is viewed as a celebration.

Contemplating death is a central focus of a yoga practice. It’s why we end in savasana. It is through this contemplation of our own mortality that we can wake up to life and embrace what we have. It is one of the most powerful practices in this life. The more we contemplate death the more we live. I have found the unessential aspects of life fall away when you learn to live this way. Love begins to become the dominant energy within your life.

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