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Judgement vs. Observation

In a mindfulness-based awareness practice you are initially becoming aware of judgement and reaction. These two energies within our minds are at the central root of stress and suffering. Through meditation practice, I have found that you become very sensitive to these two energies.

Observation is carefully noticing what is going on from an objective perspective. There is no labeling as good or bad, right or wrong, I like or don’t like. It is what it is in its naked form. Noticing without judgement or reaction is what we are doing within a mindfulness-based awareness. It is like a mirror reflecting an image. We begin observing without layering judgement or reaction onto it.

This is the deeper aspect of using a mirror in a movement practice. You stand there and look in the mirror. When you have not been taught mindfulness-based awareness many times the mirror is not being used skillfully. For many of us the mirror is causing us to view through harsh judgement. If we stick with the practice the mirror exposes our judgement and reaction. You begin to observe yourself. Through repetition of practice, empowerment

becomes possible.

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