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Ingredient to a successful New Year Resolution

The majority of New Year Resolutions relate to heath changes and health goals. Statistically most people can’t seem to stick to them. The stats I have researched are roughly only 10% of people maintain their resolutions.

Recently someone asked me what was my observation throughout my career on people that executed a health resolution. I didn’t hesitate with my answer. I said, they really really wanted it! I have learned that until the pain of living the way you living becomes less than the pain you have to endure to change people simply don’t change.

Positive change is not for the faint of heart. Change is transformation and transforming is tough and painful.

If you don’t really really want something you simply don’t change. So if you are reading this think about it. Anything you have ever wanted to changed and were successful with it was because you simply wanted it and were willing to go to ay lengthens to make it happen. So from now on if you want to change something measure you pain and see if it is realistic to even set a resolution. Happy New Year!

-- Johnny

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