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If at first you don't succeed....

This has been a big realization for me over the course of my life. I share this when teaching teachers. I messed around with yoga from 1995 -2000 and then I committed to yoga in year 2000. I realize this little dance I did is all too common is so many areas of life.

We try something like meditation, new way of eating, a new exercise program. The list goes on and on. The new way starts working for us and then something happens and we lose our way and stop doing this. We come back to this new way months or sometimes years later and we reengage remembering it did work for us before. This time it sticks longer and maybe it sticks for good.

All too often it takes a third or fourth time of walking away and having to reengage before it sticks. I tell teachers when training them that patience and empathy are too of the most necessary virtues of teaching. I also believe they are the most important ingredients for a student.

Keep reengaging with the things you have done in the past that have worked. Sometimes things don’t work the first few times we try them again and again.

--- Johnny

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