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How to start a Cold Plunge Practice

Stating the obvious, whenever it works for your schedule is best. There are benefits to doing first thing in the morning and before bed. I did Cryotherapy a few years back during the day and felt awesome when I was done yet due to the fact that you burn an additional 500-900 calories afterwards I would experience being tired and lower energy. For this reason, I do cold therapy first thing in the morning or before bed.

I recommend finishing your shower with a 60 second cold shower. When first starting, know that the initial shock of the cold water is what stops most people from ever going forward. This initial shock is what is called a hermetic stress response and is a vital part of staying healthy.

I developed this routine of putting conditioner in my hair and lathering up my body with soap. Then I would turn the temperature all the way down. This way I would have to get the cold water all over my body and couldn’t chicken out. Before turning the shower down follow this simple progression

1. Begin breathing deeply and slowly through your nose.

2. Don’t focus on your thought process. i.e. telling yourself this is gonna be very uncomfortable and I can’t.

3. When cold water hits your skin don’t anticipate the shock yet receive it, It is not gonna kill you. It fact it is gonna heal you!

4. Continue breathing deeply as rinse your hair and body of the soap.

5. When you turn shower off and get out yet don’t be so quick to towel off. If you shiver this is not a bad thing. It is actually a good thing and can help elevate your metabolism and burn more fat.

-- Johnny