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Grief and Healing

Sara and I after attended a celebration of life this past weekend. The husband of the deceased wife gave a very moving eulogy. He paid a tremendous homage to his bride.

One of his last lines was, “Grief is love looking for a place”. As he said that line I made a respectful "hmmmm". I’ve never heard that before. It hit me square in the heart.

We all have dealt with death and grief is a challenging emotion because as he said our

love has no where to go when someone dies.

In the days after I’ve been thinking about this. It is often said that time heals all wounds. I think time allows wounds to heal yet scars are left.

Where does our love go? We learn to live with the scars and when people we love die we are never quite the same again.

It tenderizes our heart. It can bring sensitivity and presence to our own life and the lives of those still alive around us. Death and grief have a paradoxical way of waking us up to life. Life is penetrating precious.

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