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From Empowered Yoga to Empowered Wellness

Yoga is an experience or a state of living that classically is characterized by a supreme and enlightened state. For thousands of years those interested in yoga would have to renounce all personal belongings and commit their life to attaining yoga. They would dedicate their days to working with a teacher and this would become a life commitment. The term used in India is ‘yogi’ and is not taking lightly in Indian culture.

The classic approach to yoga would require a deep dive and a rigorous program that would be way more than what most people are looking for. The majority of those who have graced our studios aren’t looking for God or seeking enlightenment when coming to a yoga studio. The average person wants to reduce stress, heal orthopedic pain, and lose weight. These are three major motivators of people coming into our doors. A good example is someone who likes playing tennis vs someone who wants to play in Wimbledon. Both play tennis yet both paths are very different. The majority of people are not interested in the path to Wimbledon. Over the past few decades American culture has greatly watered down this ancient tradition.

I have witnessed and watched yoga studios come to this realization as the yoga industry grew. The transition from yoga to wellness is more congruent with 21st century living. People come to Empowered and I suspect other studios are simply looking to feel better, reduce stress, and live a happier life. This path is different than the classic path to yoga. Over the next several blogs I am going to share more on both the wellness and yoga paths. How they do compliment one another and how they differ.

-- Johnny

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