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Alignment & Orthopedic Breakdown

Recently, our studio introduced the use of a digital screen to replace our white board during our Balanced Athlete classes which runs on a purchased software to allow us to plan and communicate our class sequence for the day in a more organized way.

Their marketing and pictures appear like this one shown before class begins.

Recently before class, I called everyone over to point out faulty placements within the positions of the models in this picture. Everyone was respectfully keen in their ability to point out the misalignments. I was impressed with our student's eye for alignment.

Fitness or yoga advertisements with misalignments have become the norm. Why marketing experts don’t choose pictures that display better alignment has perplexed me. The answer I’ve come to is simple, “you don’t know what you don’t know”. Marketing experts are just that. Marketing experts. Not human body alignment experts.

Take home is how you move during exercise, yoga, throughout the day is either going to enhance your orthopedic health or break it down. It is all based on how you move.

Learn to move well, then move often.

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