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A Present Mind is a Grateful Mind

The foundation of everything that we do at Empowered is meditation and mindfulness. Recent research is confirming what meditators for thousands of years have experienced, the untrained wandering mind tends to be inclined toward fear, worry, and anxiety.

The practice of training your mind and body to be more present is a practice of noticing what is happening right now. The more present we are, the more we come to an appreciation of how precious and blessed we are in this moment. Judgement and reaction can become less attractive as our mindset and focal point. Our hearts can become more full!

We can develop a sense of profound appreciation for being alive and for the simplest things in life. This has been my experience, particularly over the past twenty months, that a present mind is a mindset that accumulates gratitude.

Thanksgiving is a time of gratitude although so should everyday be! Gratitude is like a muscle and needs to be worked daily to strengthen. Gratitude surfaces and builds in the present moment. It is a mindset less seduced by fear, judgement, and reaction. One not need to be an advanced mediator to feel into presence and the gratitude that arises from the power of now. For me, a mind that is present is a mind that fills up with gratitude. Happy Thanksgiving!

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