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A Love Letter to My Community by Coach Kim

I have been practicing at Empowered Yoga for 17 years now! I started back in 2005. I have been teaching since 2010. It is so intriguing to me how my insight has changed on the entire practice over the years. I started my practice in 2005, because the world of retail was breaking my spirit, my body and my feet! At first, I thought the priority of my yoga practice was breathing, moving mindfully, and getting peace.

Then, in 2020, when we couldn’t practice together, it became abundantly clear to me… the most important thing to me about my yoga practice, wasn’t even yoga, at all. It was the community. Every human is born with the need to be loved, included and part of the tribe. Going almost 3 months without being around my people was absolute torture. I tried teaching virtual classes to find this was definitely not for me. I tried taking virtual classes with my fellow teachers, which was worse: I didn’t even practice. I just sat in front of the screen talking and waving to Ang, Jeremy, and Sara. And they couldn’t hear me or respond.

I discovered that I thrive around the energy of others.

I begged Faith to let me return in any capacity as soon as our doors reopened. I needed our community. When we came back, some sessions were barely even yoga. They were just priceless moments sitting in the yoga room with each other, just talking and getting our cups filled by the mere presence of each other. Over time, slowly the room began to become more full, as did my heart.

I know just about every person in the classroom when I am teaching. But many of them don’t know each other, even though they are in the same space sharing each other’s valuable energy. I am amazed at what each person brings to the space we occupy. Everyone has a flame. And when we get together, breathe together, and move together, all those flames come together and grow into an immense fire. That 65 minutes together is time that we unconsciously work together as one for ourselves, each other and all those that we encounter. This is the true meaning of Namaste to me. The Empowered Community saves my life every time I practice and every time I teach.

I am eternally grateful for this family! If you’re feeling brave introduce yourself to the people, you practice around. It makes a world of difference. The light in me shines brighter because of the light in you.

--- Kim